Friday, May 22, 2015

Changing Your Lives... learn from computers!

I always get a lot of criticism when I ask people to shut off negative feelings or forget mishaps or start over. But hey when computers that were created by man can do it then why can't men who were created by God do it too!

How our lives can be changed for the better can be learnt from the evolution of Operating Systems! Older operating systems used an architecture where if one program malfunctioned, it effected everything else.... so it's like your work problems effecting your family life too or vice versa. However newer operating systems run each program in an isolated environment and if one malfunctions, it can be closed and if required restarted without others even knowing about it ~~ which in real life would be changing your job without first furiously shouting at your family members for 6 months or solving other problems in your life without them ruining things that were originally going great!

In the end I would like to add, isn't this what religion teaches us too... after "TAUBA" or "CONFESSING" you are cleansed as if the sin wasn't committed. After forgiving someone don't bring up the matter that was bone of contention in the first place.

So for all the crashing aspects of your life... just push the RESTART button and enjoy a perfect life!

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Ansar said...

Well said!!