Friday, November 4, 2011

Hardee's - the SECOND visit!!!

The second visit to Hardee's was even more fun than the first. When leaving office from another exhausting day, just before closing my facebook window, I get a message from Kashif (a dear friend) about going to Hardee's. As I am very religious about accepting party invitations, I say YES!!! Though there are some strings attached to the invitation but heck we ARE talking about Hardee's.

So I have to pick Waqar (another dear friend) from defence but no biggie, my office is near his house anyway and I have to drop off a friend at gulistan-e-jauhar so I try to get him to come with us cuz I want to reach Hardee's quickly but he backs out. I do think to myself about how long the trip may become but it becomes a blessing in disguise. We pick up Waqar and go off to our next checkpoint while Kashif reaches Hardee's and joins the line (YES! they still have a cue... WOW). We drop off Faisal and return towards Hardee's and that's when we get a call about what do we want to order and suddenly it becomes clear. While we are enjoying our F1 drive through University Road and discussing some issues that I better not mention here, we are actually being freed from standing in line and then waiting for the food to come.

When we reach Hardee's and park the car, we are greeted by Kashif outside and feel like a VIP when we surpass the line and go directly to the table and the food is also there. So we just grab the drinks and start munching. OH YES! It is still yummy, arguably the best burgers in town. Then there is a strawberry shake that no one claimed on the table so I took the responsibility of making sure nothing goes to waste ;)

AND the cherry on top was when we offered to pay our part, Kashif says "Don't worry! It's been taken care of..." hmmm sounded like music to my ears. Wondered if ordering 2 more burgers right there and then would be ethically wrong? Just kidding! So all-in-all the second Hardee's experience was even more delightful and I will recommend GOTO HARDEE'S NOW if you haven't already been there and make sure you have some friends to add that extra special touch to the whole fiesta!!!

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