Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Karachi Hardee's experience

And finally I went to Hardee's Karachi. The experience overall is GOOD... no doubt about that. The food, the ambience, the service... all up-to the mark!

However, the NEW Hardee's is still the biggest attraction of the biggest city of Pakistan and so you find out that yes Pakistan is indeed the 6th largest populated country in the world when you see the line of people  outside waiting to get in. You are forced to check your calender to check, is it the weekend already; NO! it's a Wednesday night and still atleast 50 (without exaggeration) people are standing in queue to enter the wonderful world of Hardee's. Since this is an attraction for all who can afford it, you see many people and excited ones too so you get a little entertainment as well specially from one's who are trying to act smart and / or get attention from the crowd. Needless to say one-third of the crowd is tweeting about how long the line is! But all-in-all Hardee's management should provide some sort of entertainment outside for the anxiously waiting people, even if it's Geo Super playing on a 42 inch screen only.

Now then, you time has come and you enter. Oops there's another queue inside :( but don't worry this one moves fast. The order taker is your average Pakistani waiter at an international chain, he could learn a thing or 2 from you instead. The best thing about Hardee's is the food. The menu is elaborate, choice in burgers, choice in fries... plenty to choose from and all of it tasty! I of course ordered the MUSHROOM & SWISS burger and loved it and everyone else loved what they ordered. BUT when you ask for ketchup, there's the disappointment. they bring you lots of ketchup sachets... I mean WHAT?!? and if you are a sachet hater like me, your fun is slashed by half!!! However, soon you get back into the enjoyment mood, drinks are bottomless (all you can drink) and self-service is available, so that's always fun. the servings are decent so you get the feeling of money-well-spent.

The bottom-line is it's a great place to hang-out, cheerful and tasty. But I would recommend, let the hype cool down a little. Once there's no long queue outside it might even become my favourite fast food joint (of course until Burger King comes along).

On a scale of 1 to 10..... it's an 8 (10 being the highest).


Yousuf said...

I totally agree with the last statement. Although I'm not a big fan of Hardee's, I'd sure like to give it a try; I'm sure it must be better than McDonalds. My favorite sandwich is still made by Burger King, so until that comes to town, I'd have to settle for the second best.

Anonymous said...

im waiting for all the hype to die down before i finally make my way :P

Yasmin Ahmad said...

Farhan, is Burger King still your first love??????

Farhan Ahmed said...

Yasmin, yes... the double whopper :D

Zainab Dhanji said...

Thanks for dropping by at

Happy Future Hardees-ing to you! :P