Monday, September 5, 2011

What is LIFE?

Is life a game, game-show, gamble, series of tests or simply a BITCH? What is life? This question has been teasing humanity for almost as long as it has existed. Lots tried to answer and each answer was acclaimed by many and criticized by many thus leaving the question still unanswered.

Today, I'll give you an insight to my view on WHAT IS LIFE? Life is simply a blank canvas that is yours to paint. It is up to you to paint it with happiness, wealth, prosperity, fame, fortune, love OR sadness, illness, loneliness, hate etc. Usually such optimism is countered by people telling me how miserable they are and that they are not in this condition by choice! Well believe it or not, most misery is indirectly chosen by us; where we are correct in saying that we do not choose to be in misery but have we ever thought that we didn't choose to be better, or choose to get out of our misery.

Cursing an illness doesn't cure it, taking medicine does... and taking the right medicine in the right dosage for the right amount of time! So any problem at hand needs to be analysed (even if it was inherited e.g. poverty or pessimism) and the solution needs to be sought. Being in the information age, we have the advantage of looking at examples. How people in the same situation worked their way out of it? What did it take them to break free from what they could have declared a curse too!

What has gotten me to believe in this ideology are the success stories; Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Dr. Adeeb Rizvi, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Micheal Dell etc. I don't need to shed light on any of these personalities since they are all well-known and well-documented. What's common in all of them... Each one of them achieved what they planned. They dreamed, they planned, they worked hard and they ACHIEVED! Once we follow most of the above mentioned examples, we find out that all of them were placed in very adverse conditions and from there they paved their way to success (in their own contexts).

The problem faced in daily life is that we are to busy keeping the picture intact or as one of my ex-bosses said, too busy in fire-fighting on a daily basis that we forget to paint the picture called life. No short-term goals, no long-term goals... just dreams... Dreams are a good past-time but if you want them to realize then they have to be converted to goals. That is when you get hold of the paint brush and start making life what you want it to be.

For my scientist and mathematician brothers and sisters, who are not very artistic or not very good with the brush, think of life as a Things To Do List. Whatever you jot down and work for, life brings it to you!

I hope this text brings some light to your perspective of life. In a nutshell Life is what YOU want it to be, so take charge of your life and live it! For those who don't know where to begin, just remember today is the first day of (the rest of) your life.

Best of luck with making life what you want it to be!


Yasmin Ahmad said...

Very well defined.....This is a very supportive explanation for those who are strugling hard in the whirlpool of life!!! Good one .

H.M said...

Good effort but the intellectualism is a bit too much.

Altaf Siddiqui said...

Theoretically its a great morale booster in general but then successful life is a very relative term. you know what i mean.

also did i hear someone say destiny.